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Improve your performance, prevent injury, and cut down your rehab time

From his childhood to teenage years to now as an adult, Dr. Dustin’s love for sports has always held strong. Sports have always been a happy place for Dr. Emblom. He played sports growing up and still frequents the golf course. As both an athlete and a chiropractor, he fully understands the care that athletes need. It is his passion to work with athletes and think outside of the box to help them decrease the risk of injury, increase aspects of performance, and increase accuracy.

The team at Allied is committed to helping athletes stay in optimum condition for their sport. We not only treat injuries but are also focused on preventative care and building strength to improve performance and get ahead of injuries. We recognize that not only every sport is different but every athlete is different too. Allied takes the time to assess each individual and develop a plan to get them back in the game and at their best!

Do you love to golf?
  • Do you have lower back pain?
  • Are you looking to improve your performance?
  • Are injuries preventing you from playing your best?

As a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) specialist Dr. Dustin has extensive training on helping his golf clients understand the mechanics of their game, improve performance, and reduce injury.

Baseball or softball more your thing?
  • Do you experience back or shoulder pain?
  • Are you looking to gain speed and power?
  • Trying to hit more home-runs?

With certification from OnBaseU, a baseball and softball specialized program, Dr. Dustin is an expert in helping you stay on top for every inning. The force and rotation in your swing, throw, or pitch can sometimes cause discomfort. When we look at your form we can often make adjustments that help you diminish discomfort and enhance your overall performance. A true home-run!

Work with Allied Chiropractic today to take your game to the next level.


Preventative Care & Strength Building to help prevent injury!